Swansea Quakers

For over 350 years Quakers have produced an inordinate number of thinkers, scientists, businessmen, campaigners and entertainers.

Despite relatively few members worldwide, Quakers can rank among their numbers, two US Presidents, one First Lady, Politicians, Nobel Prize winners, Academy Award winners, BAFTA Award winners, writers, artists, musicians, the list goes on.

Quakers have been responsible for affecting our daily lives in many ways. Probably, in Britain, best known are the sweet makers Cadbury's, Rowntree's and Fry's and banks Lloyds and Barclays (although these businesses are no longer in Quaker "control"). It should be said here that Quaker Oats has nothing to do with Quakers - this was marketing ploy trading on Quaker values of honesty and integrity - although a Quaker did create the board game Monopoly.

Quakers have added their numbers to peace and social justice campaigns all over the world. Quakers were at the forefront of the abolition of slavery, prison reform and LBGT rights. They created the Friends Ambulance Service during the First World War and have been involved in the formation of many organisations including Amnesty International and Oxfam. Quakers have offices in the United Nations in New York, the League of Nations in Geneva and other international bodies.

What we do is easy to see, what we are is harder to explain.